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How Safe Is Your Home From An Electrical Emergency
How Safe is Your Home from an Electrical Emergency?

"Electrical accidents and fires cause personal injury to homeowners and millions of dollars of damage to homes throughout America each year. These tragedies are often the result of poor installation, outdated components and systems that have not been maintained.

To protect homeowners, organizations such as the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) provide and continually update electrical standards for homes just like yours. These are standards that organizations like the NFPA recommend to protect you, your home and your family from fire and electrical shock.

The electrical industry is constantly improving with new technology to make your home more energy efficient and safer. The electrical codes are constantly being updated to reflect that technology and many of the advancements in the last few years have outdated many wiring methods used in the past. If your home hasn't been updated with the newest standards, you may be staring a potential hazard right in the face.

Electrocution and fire are real threats. For example, from 1992 to 2001, electrical problems accounted for 407,606 fires, 3,406 deaths and $7,858,700,000 in damages in the United States. (Source: Statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration's Fire in the United States, 1992-2001, Thirteenth Edition.)

With homeowner education, improved safety standards and programs like the Power Protection Plan, homes are safer. I urge you to consider these plans. Many fires and electrical deaths are caused by factors that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Take this opportunity to protect your home and your family from the threat of electrical fire and shock."

Vernon T. Houchin
--Vernon T. Houchin, Retired Captain of the St. Louis Fire Department (Mr. Houchin was also President of the St. Louis Retired Firefighters Association, Vice President of Local 73 International Firefighters Union and Legislative Chairman of the Firefighters Benefits Committee)

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    How Safe is Your Home From an Electrical Emergency?

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